Hi, I'm Matt

I'm a hockey fan, developer, consultant, and startup enthusiast living in California. I enjoy writing, building web and mobile apps. You can view a list of some things I've worked on here.

I have worked on projects for Sidestep App, BrightRoll, Yahoo, Buffer, Orange Harp, and Apple. I focus on designing excellent customer experiences for the web and mobile.

I can help with building iPhone or iPad applications, website development, API development and integration, user experience design and testing or anything in that scope.

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A Brief History


The Noob Show

Launched a podcast called The Noob Show. It's a podcast about humanizing technology.

April 20

Launched Newsletter

March 3


Developer Relations Lead

Leading the newly formed Developer Relations team at 8x8 where I focus on improving the developer experience internally and externally through public speaking, building developer tools, prototyping, and teaching developers and engineers alike.



Sr. Full Stack Software Engineer @ 8x8

Joined 8x8 to build internal software and help move to the cloud.


Founder, Pickle CRM

Pickle is an open source CRM for the rest of us. It's powered by a restful API.

Saas & OSS


CTO & Co-founder Sidestep

I helped co-found Sidestep, build and engineer our vast product ecosystem, lead the engineering team and managed technical partnerships. Sidestep has a number of products and services used by artists including Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Adele, Carrie Underwood, Fall Out Boy, Kiss, and many more. Sidestep powers the live event merchandise experience for both fans, artists, merchandise companies and venues. In a nutshell: it allows fans to browse and buy tour merchandise and skip the line before, during, and after the show.


Software Engineer Brightroll & Yahoo

Cofactor Software provides application development services with a focus on mobile, web and server side technologies. Most of my time was spent engineering Mobile Video advertising for a company which was then acquired by Yahoo.



Fullstack Software Engineer iOS & Web Orange Harp

Built the entire ecommerce platform from scratch. Built the iOS, web, and APIs to power Orange Harp. Panache allows you to build your own shopping experience. Panache is a mobile platform that makes shopping relevant and fun. I built the iO, web application, and services.

San Francisco, CA

Software Engineer @ Buffer

Buffer is the best way to drive traffic, increase fan engagement, and save time on social media. I worked on the front-end and backend for over 1m MAU.

San Francisco & Remote


Software Engineer @ Apple

I worked on the iPhone Systems Team and I spent my time developing, improving, and maintaining web applications and systems.

Cupertino, CA